2014 NEA RA:  Team Hawaii Empowered

“Every one of you is a leader. Every one of you is using your power and expertise for students,” said Bill Raabe, director of NEA Center for Great Public Schools, to the crowded theater in Denver’s Colorado Convention Center. “This day is about helping you to do that work.”

Raise Your Hand

Empowered Educators Raise Their Hands for Student Success

Today’s day of learning showcased the outstanding work being done by educators, their unions, and their allies.  The day began with a panel dedicated to the development of leadership. “Always ask yourself, ‘Is this good for students?’” advised Iowa State Education Association President Tammy Wawro. (The panel discussion is archived online: http://www.gpsnetwork.org/welcome/ra2014/2014-nea-ra-live-stream-video-archive/)

In addition, HSTA delegates attended various hearings in preparation for the opening of the RA.

Lester and Jodi Kunimitsu
(l-r) Lester and Jodi Kunimitsu.

Laverne Moore and Roger Takabayashi
(l-r) Laverne Moore and Roger Takabayashi attended the open hearing on the budget.  Delegates also attended meetings on the proposed amendments to the constitution, bylaws, and the standing rules and proposed legislative program.

Louise Cayetano and Summer Vue
(l to r) Louise Cayetano and Summer Vue.
After delegates complete their daily assignments, they may find out more about special interest groups such as the NEA Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus.  All delegates are invited to join this group to keep up on current issues facing Asian and Pacific Islander students around the nation. 

The day ended with the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards Dinner.  Senator Daniel Akaka was honored.

Teachers leading the profession

Ed Garcia

“To collaborate by sharing creative and concrete ideas with a dynamic and respected group of educators from classrooms and communities from around the country with the goal of boosting student achievement is gratifying.  Also, to help colleagues to fight for excellence,equity, and equal funding in our schools by raising our hands for students and public education gives teachers from the classroom a voice in shaping policy,” said Ed.  “Gatherings such as Chapter RAs, Chapter activities, the HSTA Convention, and the NEA RA empower members,” he added.