2015 Summer Leadership Training

HSTA 2015 SLT Corey Rosenlee Mae Kim
HSTA President Corey Rosenlee works with NEA trainer Mae Kim.

Day 1

HSTA leaders from every chapter are attending this year’s Summer Leadership Training. President Corey Rosenlee welcomed the group and talked about using some of the new SLT tools gained to move forward together. 

Programs like the SLT develop leaders within the teaching profession.  The training prepares and supports our profession’s leaders to meet the demands of a 21st century teaching professional and ensure the success of their students.

Please watch for additional postings.  Over the next three days, members will work together to talk about ways to put a shared vision into action.

HSTA2015SLT_Maui Leaders
Maui leaders talk with HSTA UniServ Director, Christopher Chang (standing).

Justin Hughey
HSTA Vice President Justin Hughey talked about Hawaii’s contributions to the NEA RA.
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2015 NEA RA Wrap Up

HSTA 2015 Andrew Aoki
Andrew Aoki shared his story of self and talked about developing a personal narrative.  During a break, teachers grabbed a partner to share their unique stories.

The source of our power is the passionate hearts of our members and the pride they take in the work they do because their students matter.

2015SLT CoreyRosenLee LouiseCayetano
Corey Rosenlee and Louise Cayetano teamed up to share their stories.

Laurie Au shared her personal story with HSTA member leaders.
Laurie Au encouraged members to explore tough choices.

Clifford Lim Michael Whooten 2015 Summer Leadership Training
Honolulu YHCR Representative Clifford Lim (left) talked story with new HSTA Board member Michael Wooten.

Day 2


Through our union, we support each other, students, and our communities.  HSTA is guided by members every step of the way.  Member leaders volunteer to serve in many ways such as on the Board of Directors, Chapter Executive Boards, and government committees such as the Negotiations Committee, Elections Committee, Charter, Bylaws, and Resolutions Committee, Government Relations Committee, Membership Services Committee, Youth Human and Civil Rights Committee. These members spend countless hours meeting primarily on weekends to conduct the business of the organization and serve without compensation.  Thank you to our teacher leaders.  The success of strong chapters depends on these volunteers.  Many of HSTA’s leaders are also leaders within their communities.  Leadership trainings translate to stronger skills in the classroom and student success.

This morning’s session started out with keynote speakers addressing the landscape in Hawaii, looking at the state of the union, and talking about moving forward together to fight for the schools our students deserve.

The Summer Leadership Training blocks off time for chapter planning and organizing.  Yesterday, trainings were held for chapter secretaries, treasurers, and vice presidents.  The CBR, Elections, Government Relations, Membership Services, Negotiations, and YHCR Committees also held meetings during the SLT.

Former principal Darrel Galera said it is important not to define students by a test score.  He said that our schools are drowning in data due to rampant overtesting that is not about data analysis or data driven decision making.  He encouraged that teachers could be part of the most meaningful education reform in the history of Hawaii.  Galera quoted from Sir Ken Robinson’s speech How to Escape Education’s Death Valley.
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HSTA Executive Director, Wilbert Holck, talked about wanting what is best for teachers and students and looking to find more ways to have conversations to listen and find out what members need.  He used the example of how professional development is important to some teachers and how HSTA responded by expanding PD offerings.  In addition, HSTA’s professional development program is member driven.  It is created for teachers, by teachers and based on what works in the classroom.

HSTA President Corey Rosenlee shared his vision with member leaders today.
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Members worked hard on team building exercises and learning how to appreciate others’ styles.

Teachers organize to advocate for their students » (pdf)

Chapters worked on organizing plans, heard about the work of our student members, and the value of our Hope Street fellows.

HSTA Hope Street Fellows

Day 3

HSTA Secretary-Treasurer Amy Perruso introduced this morning’s keynote speakers Gwen Sullivan and Arlene Inouye.

Arlene Inouye shared UTLA’s story.
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United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA)

Gwen Sullivan shared Portland EA’s story.
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Oregon Save Our Schools

Member leaders met today to apply some of the tools provided in this week’s training to chapter planning.  After an intense session that included input form chapter leaders and a working lunch, each chapter shared their plans with the group.

Mahalo for caring about our members, our profession, and our students!  Thank you for making time to meet this week.  As you return to your classrooms tomorrow, wishing you a wonderful school year!