21 hours and PD credit deadlines explained

HSTA recently clarified several questions from members about the 21 hours and professional development credits. Here are the answers we received from the DOE:

When is the form that outlines the use of the 21 hours due to complex area superintendents?

Each CAS decides, but generally they are not due until the START of the school year.  Schools should turn them in before starting any of the 21 hours.

What about PD credits, how do they work?

PD verification forms are pre-populated and sent to the schools at the end of the school year. The principal has to verify which teachers completed the PD hours and should be awarded the 3 PD credits. School Year 15-16 forms have been sent to the schools. Administrators are given until June 30 to verify the list of teachers who have completed their professional development hours and return the form to Office of Human Resources for credit posting.

When will I see the credits posted?

As OHR receives the verification sheets, it is posting the credits to PDE3. Those credits will be posted with an effective date of June 30, 2016, so they will apply to fall reclassification regardless of when they are entered into PDE3. Teachers should expect to see credits posted prior to their return next school year.

What about charter school teachers, does the DOE do anything for their credits?

DOE officials said they do award PD credits to charter school teachers for the 21 hours. However, because the DOE does not have full access to charter school teacher rosters, it is not able to pre-populate spreadsheets for them. The DOE asks charter school directors to send a list of their teachers and manually load credits for them. However, because many charters do not follow the DOE reclassification process, they do not submit anything, so this would generally only apply to those charters that use the DOE services/reclassification system.