Clarification about different surveys

Aloha Colleague,

Last week, we wrote to notify you to be on the lookout for an important EES survey that is scheduled for distribution via Lotus Notes on February 20, 2014.  Your participation and input is critical in helping inform changes in the EES design and implementation.

Please be aware that the DOE is currently conducting a survey regarding SLOs.  This survey is not to be confused with the Joint (DOE and HSTA) EES survey scheduled for February 20, 2014.  We encourage everyone to complete both surveys.  Your feedback will greatly assist the Joint Committee in developing their recommendations to the Department.

~ Mahalo

EES Resources

Your monthly Lead the Profession bulletin contains information on where to go for help as well as timely news on topics teachers need to know about.

We want to do everything we can to advocate for the resources, time, and supports you need to be successful.  But we need to hear from you to be able to do that.  Please take the time to help us be an effective voice for you on the critical issues that impact you, your teacher colleagues, your profession, and your students.
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Communicate directly with the HSTA Advisory Committee:

EES Feedback Form Please paste the URL below into your Web browser:

This feedback will be shared with the HSTA Advisory Committee.
The Advisory Committee will then use this data to advocate for improvements in the design and implementation of the EES. When addressing these issues with the DOE, no names will be shared.