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This document includes information on the Tentative Settlement for the 2013-2017 HSTA Contract, which highlights the changes to the 2009-2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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*NOTE:  These documents were provided by the State of Hawaii Department of Budget and Finance  April 8, 2013 1:47 PM

*These schedules replace the back pages of the TA summary.

Review schedule of benefit plans - EUTF Employee-Employer Share FY 14 - Contributions, Unit 5 VEBA Transfers- HMSA 75-25 » (pdf document)

Review schedule of benefit plans - EUTF Employee-Employer Share FY 14- Contributions - Benchmark HMSA 75-25 » (pdf document)

(*These schedules replace the back pages of the TA summary.)

For a comprehensive guide from EUTF on plan details, costs, and a schedule of upcoming ‘Open Enrollment Info Sessions’ (see pg. 10), go to:

EUTF 2013 Health Benefits Reference Guide (PDF)

For a summary of benefits and coverage provided by specific health insurance carriers, go to:

Please contact the EUTF directly for any specific questions about health benefits and programs:
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Documents and MOUs mentioned in the ADVOCATE newsletter:

HRS Chapter 89-9

2005 Staff Reduction Guidelines
Staff Reductions MOU

MOU: One Year Probation Transition Year

Act 156, SLH 2008 addresses employees who are seeking at least half of a full time equivalent position or more.  It does not specifically prevent or bar substitute teachers.  This act should not impact retirees who wish to substitute teach, so long as it is not half of a full-time equivalent position.