Convention: HSTA Supports Right to Opt Out

HSTA Convention

Convention: HSTA Supports Right to Opt Out

New Business Item 15-7:  State Standardized Assessments:  Opt Out and/or Refuse

The Hawaii State Teachers Association shall lobby, within existing resources, for the right of parents/guardians to collaborate with teachers to determine appropriate assessment options for their child’s proficiency if they wish to opt out, and/or refuse to allow their child to take the statewide standardized assessments, as well as their right to do so without retaliation.

This items was passed by the Convention and referred to the Government Relations Committee.  The GRC added this item to the Legislative Priorities.

Read the Resolution Passed by the 2015 Convention HERE » (pdf)

The Resolution was added to the HSTA Digest of Policy Statements and New Business Items – 2015.