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Hilo Teacher to Receive Crowd-funded School Supplies October 15

Teacher Leticia Gonsalves wanted to raise $330 to fund various school supplies for her 24 “eager-to-learn” second graders at Waiakeawaena Elementary School, a high-poverty school.

So she took advantage of an online charity site,, that’s gaining popularity among teachers across Hawaii.

And tomorrow, after raising the $330 from just five donors, her students are getting the stuff she asked for — art and other classroom supplies that she hopes will promote collaboration and friendship among her students. Items include some paint, interactive games, building bricks and a glitter pack. is like a Kickstarter for public education. Teachers post “projects” — individual campaigns explaining what kinds of supplies are needed and why — in the hopes of raising needed funding from the public.

Research suggests that teachers last year spent an average of nearly $500 out of their own pockets on classroom supplies.

Chevron Hawaii, which donated some of the funding for Gonsalves as part of its “Fuel Your School” campaign, will be delivering the supplies tomorrow.
Hands-On, Minds On
Ms. Gonsalves’s Supplies project at Waiakeawaena Elementary School in Hilo, HI | High Poverty

Aloha! “A’ohe hana nui ka ula’ia.” Translated means “no task is too big when done together.”

Our classroom is comprised of 24 eager to learn second graders. We are a public school in the beautiful state of Hawai’i. Students come from a diverse background. Although they are all different and unique in their own way together they are one. Students in the class are very creative and enjoy working together. They enjoy playing games and creating art.

These resources will build friendships and increase collaboration. These skills will help students in the future. Art is an alternative way for student to show their creativity oppose to the traditional pen and paper. Fostering creativity can bring out the inner artist in them.

Your donation will provide the resources that otherwise they may never have the opportunity to have. Your generosity will help students develop skills that they can take with them after they leave my classroom.

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The NEA Foundation funds and supports educator-driven solutions to improve student performance. Through our work, we’ve learned that the best teaching ideas come from our greatest assets, educators. Teachers have great ideas to help their students learn more, but often lack the resources they need to bring these ideas to life. Last year, through our partnership with, we matched public donations to support 1,500 NEA member requests for classroom materials, reaching 120,000 public school students. This year, with your help, we hope to reach even more.