Education Bills Update

Hawaii Public Radio
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10:10 AM
Wednesday,  March 11, 2015

Education Bills Update: Joan Kamila Lewis

Joan Kamila Lewis
HSTA Teacher Lobbyist
Kapolei High School

Today the legislature is in recess. Yesterday, both the House and Senate continued to hear third readings of bills now transmitted to the chamber where they didn’t originate. Included were several education- related bills, including companion bills to quantify student hours. Also crossing is a pair of bills authorizing annual bonuses for teachers who meet the criteria…and a House bill to create a pre-K program to be administrated by the executive office on early learning. Joan Kamila Lewis of the Hawaii State Teacher’s Association joined Beth-Ann Kozlovich on Hawaii Public Ratio as the 2015 legislative session began with the union’s wish list and returned to compare it with the bills crossing over.