Education is everyone’s responsibility

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On September 3, HSTA kicks off a year-long campaign called “Educating Our Keiki Everyone’s Kuleana” with a paid radio ad that runs through September.

The campaign, which is mostly funded through a grant from the National Education Association, is an effort to raise the awareness among all stakeholders of the public education system in Hawaii that everyone is responsible for student success in school.  Everyone – teachers, students, parents, legislators, business owners, voters – can take a pledge to take an action or actions that will support children in their learning. It could be as simple as pledging to come to school ready to learn or checking to make sure homework is completed.  Those who agree to bare responsibility for supporting the education of children in Hawaii will receive a red wrist band.
Materials will be available in the next few weeks.  Be sure to watch for more details on and on HSTA’s Facebook Page.

For more than 40 years, Hawaii’s public school teachers have stood up for what happens in our classrooms and HSTA has been their voice.  Today, our values of fairness, public service, and commitment to all of our children remain exactly the same.  Teachers love their jobs, teachers care about their students, and teachers want to make a difference but they can’t do it alone.  Education is everyone’s responsibility.

Won’t you help by taking the pledge?
Please watch for locations where you can pledge your support of public education in Hawaii.

(Sample pledge card.)

Educating our keiki

Schools are communities that work best when everyone works together

In our changing world, providing every child with a 21st century education requires more from all of us. Teaching and learning can’t just occur in the classroom.

The reality is that everyone—teachers, parents, students, administrators, school boards, legislators, businesses—must be partners in building quality public schools. And we all should be held accountable for our students’ success