EES:  HSTA champions rights of teachers


Letters to the Editor

June 12, 2014

HSTA champions rights of teachers

Cookie White Stephan’s statement that the Hawaii State Teachers Association opposes teacher evaluations because the union protects bad teachers is misguided (“Matayoshi fights for better schools,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, June 7).

Neither teachers nor the HSTA oppose evaluations but want them to be fair and not unduly burdensome.

It is a myth that HSTA protects bad teachers. HSTA champions the due process rights of all teachers, and in so doing actually protects good teachers from administrative actions that may be unjust.

Much criticism of the evaluation system has come from principals, who are not part of HSTA at all.

The state Department of Education has rejected the principals’ survey results, supposedly because it did not account for the review process in place designed to reform the system. But that process was never intended to shield the DOE against feedback from other sources.

The DOE should take feedback from the principals, teachers and HSTA to heart in deciding how the teacher-evaluation system should be reformed.

Wray Jose