EES Survey Update

Thank you for your continued participation in our monthly member EES polls.

In our February EES message, we shared that a statewide joint survey was scheduled for Lotus Notes e-mail on February 20, 2014.  Due to some distribution delays, the Joint Survey has not gone out yet.

When you do receive the survey, please note that the survey window will be open for two weeks.  It is projected that the average teacher will take about 20 minutes to complete the survey.  A couple tips for survey taking include:
1.) Plan to take the survey in one sitting. 
2.) Ward Research assured us that the survey is completely confidential.  However, to accommodate personal preferences, you may forward the survey e-mail message you received in Lotus Notes to a personal e-mail in order to take the survey at a location of your choosing.

The objective of the survey is to quantify teacher experiences and opinions regarding the EES to help us better understand its strengths and identify areas for improvement. We encourage all members to take this survey so your voice can help inform changes in the EES design and implementation.

Mahalo for your patience and understanding.