Flash drives for members

HSTA Flash Drive

In the coming weeks, faculty representatives will help distribute flash drives for members.  This data storage device contains your personal copy of your new teacher contract.  The electronic contract includes a searchable table of contents. 

How to use the searchable table of contents on your flash drive:
Click on the HSTA Contract (B-HSTA_2013-2017_Agreement.pdf)
After finding the topic and page number heading in the table of contents, just click on that line within the table of contents, and you will be taken directly to the section of the contract that you are looking for.

The flash drive also contains a calendar to help you track important dates, HSTA contact information, and space to add your own important documents and reminders. 

We are excited to be able to do our part for the environment by “going green,” while at the same time providing members with a useful resource and tool.

A copy of the contract is also available to members by logging in at HSTA.org.

All questions regarding your contractual rights should be directed to HSTA through your assigned UniServ Director.  Teachers in every chapter are assigned professional HSTA staff called UniServ Directors, or UDs.  A complete list of UD assignments by schools is posted at HSTA.org.

Flash drives are also commonly referred to as key drive, thumb drives, jump drives, USB drives, and pen drives.

Read more about your HSTA FLASH DRIVE » (pdf)

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