FREE credit lesson plans for grades 1-12

The Basics of Building Credit

The goal of the lesson plans is to educate children between the ages of 11-18 about the different aspects of building credit and credit card ownership. We see there’s a lag in educating the youth in economics and personal finance as only 22 states currently require a high school course in economics and less than 20% of our educators feel confident to teach topics involving personal finance. We hope to set our youth up for success by emphasizing the importance of building good credit and keeping their credit in good standing. The contents of the hour long lesson plans will include:

  -Rich information about credit cards and credit scores
  -Glossary of terms for easy digestion of material
  -Quizzes following each section testing their knowledge
  -Visual aids for an enhanced learning experience

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Source:Survey of the States: Economic and Personal Finance Education in our Nation’s Schools (2011)