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Posted January 24, 2015

Many of us do not think about the need for long term care insurance until we are in the position of caring for a family member or friend.  Make an investment in your long term coverage now.  It may be one of the best decisions you can make.

Attend a FREE workshop to learn more about caregiving, and your Long Term Care Insurance benefits.

Workshops for members:
Because of your membership, long term care benefits are also available to your family members.  Attend a workshop and find out more.


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The best source for your caregiving and long term care needs.

The vast majority of people need or will need help with a family caregiving event. People will experience this as caregivers, as care-recipients or both. Financing this care is a priority that most people are unaware of and unprepared for. Additionally, these family caregiving events can be made easier if some simple steps are taken sooner rather than later.

Employee & Family Long Term Care - Popular Topics

  How much do I save through my company LTC plan?

  Can extended family participate in my company’s discounted LTC plan?

  I think my loved one needs help, where do I start?
  How do I understand the options to pay for long term care

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To speak with a Trust Office representative, call 808.440.6940 (Oahu) or toll-free 800.637.4926 (from neighboring islands)

The caring and professional staff at the Trust Office want to answer your questions and help you understand your benefits.  Please call us.

To ensure that you receive important plan information, please notify the Trust Office:

  If you or your family members change their address, phone number(s) or marital status,
  In the event of divorce, birth, adoption, disability or death,
  If you wish to change your Life Insurance Plan beneficiary designation
  Add or terminate dependents

HSTA VEBA plans, documents, and forms are ONLINE:

STEP 1: Go to the VEBA Web site
STEP 2: Click on the VOLUTARY BENEFIT PROGRAMS tab (upper left corner)
STEP 3:  From the pull down menu, select Plan Documents and Forms

Some of the products available to HSTA members include:
Life insurance, long term care, critical illness, long term income, and short term income.
To speak with a Trust Office representative, call 808.440.6940 (Oahu) or toll-free 800.637.4926 (from neighboring islands)