Hawaii Charter School Commission

Hawaii Charter School Commission


The State Public Charter School Commission (SPCSC or Commission) is the statewide charter school authorizer whose mission is to authorize high-quality public charter schools throughout Hawaii. The Commission approves quality applications for new charter schools and monitors the performance and legal compliance of existing charter schools.

About Commission Meetings

State Public Charter School Commission Meetings

Commission meetings are open to the public. Public testimony, both written and oral, is welcomed and encouraged. 

Agendas, action summaries, and minutes for Commission general business meetings and committee meetings can be found on the Charter School Commission Web site under the ABOUT COMMISSION TAB.  Staff submittals and recommendations on agenda items are attached to the HTML agendas. (Note: The HTML agendas begins with the October 31, 2013 committee meetings.)

​Historical archived CSRP documents can be obtained by contacting the Commission at (808) 586-3775.