Hilo Man Takes Message about MD and No Bullying to Maui

Hilo Native Daryl “Sammy” Sampan has been living with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) since birth. His mother is stricken and two of Sammy’s five children were born with the disease. His foundation, Operation Sammy Muscular Dystrophy (OSMD) Hawaii is working with people in the community to help raise awareness about MD to support children who live and battle with this disease. MD, a group of diseases that atttacks muscles making mobility difficult, is heredity.

His third journey began on January 16, 2016 and consists of 10 miles of paddling and 201 miles of walking. He paddled out of Kahului on January 16 and his walk began at Hoaloha Park on January 18.

Sammy Walks Maui
Sammy Walks Maui

He will visit island schools, community, public/private organiations and businesses to speak with Maui residents about MD and OSMD’s “Eh! No Push!!” anti-bullying campaign.

This is the third year he has taken on this journey. In 2014, he walked the Big Island of Hawaii to raise awareness of MD and in 2015 he walked Kauai island to bring a message of hope and against bullying.

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