HSTA National Board Certified Teachers Gather

HSTA National Board Certified Teacher Gala Sign In Table

National Board Certified Teacher members gathered at HSTA for networking opportunities on April 11, 2014.

RJ Rodriguez HSTA National Board Certified Teachers Gala

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What is National Board Certification?
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New Hawaii group for Board Certified teachers
A statewide network for National Board Certified Teachers, candidates, and supporters of the National Board is a new opportunity for teachers.  Last month, Ron Thorpe, President and CEO of the National Board Professional Teaching Standards, congratulated HSTA NBCTs and notified us that we are officially part of the Affiliated Network of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

All NBCTs are invited to join the NBPTS Network Affiliate, called “HSTA NBCTs.”  This organization will be a venue for teachers to connect with Association leadership opportunities, professional development events, research, politics, and advocacy for National Board Certification.

The mission of the group is:
To advance the quality of teaching and learning by supporting a collaborative network of NBCTs, candidates and other professionals, to connect network participants with teacher leadership opportunities, and to promote the sharing of ideas and expertise within our network, HSTA and HTSB.

HSTA National Board Certified Teachers Gala
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