Priority #1
We will work to position HSTA as THE LEADER in transforming public education in Hawaii.

Teachers are deeply committed to the success of every child.  We want a system that puts students at the center of transformation to improve student learning that produces real results.

Priority #2
We will work to become MORE relevant to all teachers.

A teacher’s working environment is a student’s learning environment.  Historically, the concerns of teachers and the needs of students have been an important part of our mission.  We will continue to strive to meet both the professional and personal needs of our membership by advocating for our members, strengthening the teaching profession, and improving the well-being of all members so our schools can recruit and retain the best, brightest, and most committed teachers for our students.

Priority #3
We will work to meet the professional needs of new teachers.

We pledge to work towards finding ways to support practical, ongoing supports for Hawaii’s new public school teachers including offering more professional development and creating a new teacher committee to help HSTA focus on providing what new teachers need to be successful.