HSTA publishes Unequal Opportunity: Ethnic Inequality in Public Education in Hawaii

In the publication “Unequal Opportunity: Ethnic Inequality in Public Education in Hawaii,” the HSTA demonstrates that ethnic inequality is “deeply entrenched in both [DOE and UH] sectors of public education.”

The publication focuses on ethnic inequality of student access, representation and graduation in both the DOE and UH systems, and argues that “the primary factor which maintains ethnic inequality in public education is the long-term under funding of the DOE and UH systems by the State Legislature, which continues to restrict the educational and broader socioeconomic advancement of minorities in Hawaii.”

Given the failure of the Legislature to respond to this issue in the last session, the timing of this publication by HSTA is critical and speaks to the importance of increased public awareness of the ways the starvation of the public education funding affects ALL of our children.

Read the publication here.