IN THE NEWS:  Our Children Can’t Afford to Wait

Letters to the Editor

December 20, 2015

We are getting exactly the schools we pay for

You get what you pay for, and public education is no exception.

We are getting exactly the schools we pay for. Educator dedication to students means taxpayers get good value for our education dollars; but, without better funding, it won’t get better.

The Hawaii State Teachers Association proposes a 1 percentage point general excise tax increase to fund 10 important research-based initiatives to create “The Schools Our Keiki Deserve.”

Some worry the government won’t direct new funds where they belong, and perhaps that’s true, but when the steerer misdirects the wa‘a, you don’t starve the paddlers; you retrain or replace the steerer.

As voters we can retrain or replace government officials if they steer us wrong.

Derek Bok said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” — and the cost of ignorance is borne by the individual and our entire society. We all benefit from excellent public schools.

If we want better, we must somehow pay more.

David Negaard

Lahaina Intermediate teacher