Janus case is an attack on unions

Aloha Colleagues:

In October, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that they will hear Janus v. AFSCME. This case is trying over turn a 40-year-old precedent (Abood v. Detroit) in which the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that unions can collect fair share fees for representing workers in collective bargaining, contract enforcement and other matters relating to wages and work conditions. The reason for fair share fees is to prevent “free riders” or those who benefit from the work of unions in collective bargaining, but don’t pay their fair share.

This new case is not just an attack on unions, but is sponsored by the same groups who wish to privatize schools and make public education a for-profit business. Unions are some of the strongest forces in our country fighting for workers’ rights, income inequality and quality schools for all children regardless of their zip code.

The educators in HSTA are an ohana. We take care of each other and our keiki. In Hawaii you don’t go to a potluck, eat all the food but don’t bring a dish to share.

For information about the Janus case, read these news articles:

Here is some basic background on the Janus Supreme Court case from the New York Times.

Right-wing groups behind the Janus Supreme Court case admit they’re spending tens of millions to “defund and defang” unions.

Janus is really about further rigging our economy against working people in favor of the wealthy and powerful.

NEA sees this case as an attack on middle class working folks.

In the past year, you have experienced the power of collective action as teachers stood united to secure a new HSTA contract with raises, more money for health coverage and other improvements. The HSTA works hard to fight for our members, their families and the keiki we teach across the state of Hawaii. We remain committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with parents and the community to improve Hawaii’s public schools.

The HSTA joins the National Education Association and other unions across the country in fighting back against the legal attacks on teachers and other hard working folks.

Regardless of attacks on unions, we will continue to fight hard for what is right. We need your help to fight back in the months ahead. Join us as we continue to advocate for increased school funding, improving special education and reducing onerous standardized testing.

We must stand together to ensure that America has an economy that works for everyone. Thank you for the work you do every day for all of our keiki and for supporting this effort!


Corey Rosenlee

HSTA President