KAUAI TEAM IGE Sign Waving Schedule

We are in the home stretch.  Election Day (11/04) is right around the corner and we could use your help!!!

Please try to make the following scheduled KAUAI Sign Waving activities for this week:

-Monday 10/27/2014 @ Kauai Community College, 4:15-5:30 pm.

-Wednesday 10/29/2014 @ Hanamaulu/Kuhio Junction (where Roberts parks their buses), 4:14-5:30 pm

-Thursday 10/30/2014 @ Aloha Beach Resort (old Kauai Resort), 4:15-5:30 pm

Any questions? Please call, 808-351-4422.

Ige for Governor

Stephen Duncan
HSTA-GRC Kauai Chapter