Know your rights: End of the school year

As the school year winds down, here are some important tips:

Personal Items - take all your personal belongings home. It may be difficult, but it is the best way to ensure that your personal items are safe. Most important, do not keep your personal employment files at school.

Changing Classrooms -  if you must change classrooms, be sure your administration provides boxes for you and assistance with the move. Make sure you clearly label every box and make an inventory list. 

Personnel File - now is a good time to check your personnel file. Ask your school SASA (secretary) to arrange a time to review your file. Make copies of any documents that you may not have in your own records at home. If you find any derogatory information you have never seen, see your grievance representative for assistance in getting it removed. 

Summer Address - if you are planning to go away for the summer, be sure the school office has accurate contact information. This is especially important if the school needs to discuss potential changes that could impact you, such as line or classroom assignments.