Know your rights: Teacher performance evaluation rating

In the month of May, many teachers will receive their final performance evaluation rating under the Educator Effectiveness System (EES). Teachers who are rated less than effective must receive final notification no later than the third Friday in May (May 19)*. 

To qualify for pay increases, a teacher must be rated effective or better. Any teacher who was streamlined this year would carry over their effective or better rating from prior years.

Under the collective bargaining agreement, teachers who receive a marginal or unsatisfactory rating may have certain due-process rights which allow for an appeal of the rating.

Page 35 of the EES manual outlines the impact of the various ratings. The impact of a particular rating varies depending on the teacher status and final rating.

Tenured teachers may challenge a marginal rating exclusively through the Expedited Appeals Process. The forms must be submitted within 15 calendar days from the date the rating is received. The forms for expedited appeal can be found in the EES manual and on the DOE Intranet.

If you have questions, please consult with your UniServ Director.

*Public Charter school teachers may have a different evaluation system per supplemental agreements.  Multi-track teachers should refer to the EES manual for alternate dates per their track schedule.

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