Leading the Profession - SLL Trainings

Members in all schools are spending part of their summers attending Summer Leadership Trainings.
Strong leaders mean supports for teachers and the students they teach.

SLL Trainings

HSTA members have seen it all. We’ve been treated like inconsequential pawns in a high stakes game of political power and government funding - and fought back to gain a voice.

We’ve been introduced to collective action - and seen it work virtual miracles in situations where the efforts of one individual would have gone unheeded. We’ve seen clearly what needed to be done to improve public education in Hawaii - and we’ve had the organization and will to do something about it. We’ve fought hard - and we’ve been winners.

Now, we cannot simply be satisfied that teachers, through HSTA, have been front-line soldiers in the war against ignorance, indifference, and prejudice. We cannot become too comfortable in the knowledge that HSTA has been responsibly aggressive in the pursuit of high standards for education and the profession. We cannot become complacent because HSTA teachers have matured and grown professionally as an Association. The fact is, while we have accomplished a great deal so far, neither satisfaction, comfort nor complacency will carry us on to face the challenges of the future.

For the member-led HSTA it is about more than getting a better deal for teachers – it’s about putting teachers in the driver’s seat, where they can have a chance to make public education better for every child in Hawaii.