Mahalo - Teacher Appreciation Week

The outstanding work of Hawaii’s teachers cannot be mentioned enough. We celebrate the tireless efforts of the dedicated men and women who educate our children each and every day.

Please join us this week in celebrating the outstanding work and lifelong dedication of teachers.
Heartfelt “thank yous” can become a great source of inspiration to teachers or a cherished treasure to teachers looking back on their careers. Teachers go into teaching because they care and they want to impact children’s lives. A simple gift of “thank you” can show how they have done so. Mahalo.

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Central Chapter Teacher Excellence Celebration 2014

Aloha Colleagues,

It is that time of year set aside as “Teacher Appreciation Week.”  While I agree teachers should be honored, and although surveys show that the public supports teachers and many can point to a favorite teacher, the added responsibilities on your plates and the daily time crunch may not make you feel appreciated. On this Teacher Appreciation Week, I hope you will remind one another to never doubt that our work makes a difference for children and the future of Hawaii.

When we bump into former students in the community or receive a note from former students thanking us for the unexpected effects we had in their lives, their thanks put a light on why we went into teaching. It’s times like these that we realize educating the whole child is not always about testing but also about significant life lessons that are part of the classroom experience and the lessons we plan so carefully.

What we do as teachers matters. For some students, it may mean lessons on kindness, respect, and love. For others, it might be a love of writing, science, or art. We just may not realize the many influences we have on the young children under our tutelage. My admiration for what HSTA members do every day in classrooms for keiki around our state extends through the decades.
I cannot think of a more honorable profession. Mahalo for making a difference for so many.

With deep respect and admiration during this Teacher Appreciation Week and throughout the year,

Wil Okabe

Celebrate Teachers!