March 7 Day of Action

Here are the goals of this special day when we’d like to get all teachers involved in taking action at their schools:

  • Wear red
  • Morning sign waving at each school for 15-30 minutes before school starts.
  • Gather all teachers in a common area in front of the school for group picture and participation check-in; or take a photo once you’ve all entered school.
  • Walk-in to school as a group just before the start of work day. Feel free to chant as you enter!
  • Testimony, oral and written, for presentation at the BOE meeting that evening at 5 p.m. at the Kawananakoa Middle School Cafeteria on Oahu.
  • Who should participate:

  • Faculty members
  • Interested parents, students and community members
  • Sign waving advice

  • Be sure to remain on public sidewalks; do not block roadways or driveways.
  • Don’t bunch up; space out your volunteers for a better visual effect.
  • Not enough volunteers for each sign? Put signs on stakes and put them into the ground between sign wavers. Make sure you collect all signs after; please don’t leave in ground and/or on fences or other areas.
  • Always smile, even if drivers frown or make obscene gestures.
  • If you’re close enough to drivers and their windows are open, say “Mahalo!”
  • Take photos and video; post to social media

  • Please use the horizontal/landscape setting (turn your mobile phone sideways) when taking photos and video.
  • Post your own photos and video to Facebook, Instagram and other social media, using the hashtag #HawaiiTeachersUnited
  • BOE testimony the night of March 7 at 5 p.m.

  • All islands: Work with your UD/chapter president to solicit teachers to write and submit testimony to the BOE asking for a fair contract at its March 7 night meeting.
  • Oahu: Work with your UD/chapter president to find several members from your chapter willing to testify in person at BOE that evening, or even just to attend the meeting wearing red in a show of force. We’re especially looking for fresh faces and voices of teachers who have not spoken before the BOE this school year.
  • The General Business Meeting will be held 5 p.m. on March 7 at Kawananakoa Middle School’s Cafeteria (49 Funchal Street, Honolulu).
  • BOE testimony guidelines and suggestions

    HSTA is requesting members to submit testimony for the March 7 Board of Education general meeting about the importance of the State of Hawaii and Board of Education prioritizing settlement of the HSTA contract. We are also asking teachers on Oahu to attend the meeting, which will be held at Kawananakoa Middle School at 5 p.m.  Here is a link to the parking information:


    Written testimony should be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, in this case by 5 p.m. on Monday, March 6.

    EMAIL:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (include “Testimony” in the subject line)

    Indicate the following information in the body of the email at the top:

  • Name, title/position and school/worksite
  • General Business Meeting, March 7 Action Item B. Board Action on proposed legislation being considered during 2017 Legislative Session
  • Testimony submitted will be posted on the Board of Education website and may be included in the Board’s minutes.  It will also become public record; please consider this when including personal information in your testimony.

    If you plan to deliver spoken testimony before the BOE: Please be sure it does not last longer than two minutes. You will need to arrive early at the BOE meeting and sign up for oral testimony.



    State of Hawaii Board of Education

    Tuesday, March 7, 2017

    General Business Meeting





    Re: Action Item B. Board Action on proposed legislation being considered during 2017 Legislative Session

    Aloha Chair Mizumoto, Vice-Chair De Lima, and Members of the Hawaii State Board of Education:

    My name is XX, a teacher at XX School.  I have been a teacher for XX years and currently teach XX (grade level, subject(s).

    I am submitting testimony today on Item B, Board Action on proposed legislation being considered during 2017 Legislative Session. We are asking for your support for more funding for public schools, and specifically our proposals for a constitutional amendment to create a steady funding stream for the DOE. It is important that we increase education funding so we can attract and retain teachers. I call on you to prioritize settling HSTA’s contract and specifically ask for your help with the following issue. (Write about one of the following issues, using specific examples, for one or two paragraphs)

    Suggested topics

    Fair and appropriate compensation – teacher pay, health premiums, supplemental pay for hard-to-staff areas

    Teaching and learning environment – lower class sizes, preparation time, SPED (staffing formula, supports, meeting time), support for ELL students

    Teaching and school empowerment – allowing for more school level decisions, improving the teacher transfer and assignment process

    Appropriate teacher evaluation – a supportive, not punitive system of evaluation

    Protecting and supporting all teachers – equity of treatment for charter teachers, supports and mentors for probationary teachers

    (Insert a personal appeal about why this issue is important to you as a teacher along with how and why it impacts your students. Specific examples are always helpful.)

    If you address the issues I have brought forward, my testimony will be an important step in establishing the schools our keiki deserve.

    Thank you,