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>>>DEADLINE TO RESPOND:  November 15, 2013

Aloha mai kakou:

Please take a few minutes to complete the brief survey that will provide
data and information to design the ExTL professional development

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on your needs and
interests for a teacher professional development program that is being
sponsored by the Hawaii Education Alliance for Excellence in Teaching
and Learning (EXTL). The newly formed EXTL, a partnership between the
Hawaii Education Association (HEA) and the Hawaii State Teachers
Association (HSTA), was established for the express purpose of providing
unique professional and personal growth opportunities for Hawaii’s
public school teachers - opportunities that are specifically targeted
and responsive to the needs of Hawaii’s teachers; opportunities that are
not currently being provided by the Hawaii Department of Education or
the local universities and professional organizations.

Mahalo a nui loa,
Alvin Nagasako, HSTA Executive Director
June Motokawa, HEA President

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Excellence in teaching and learning.