NEA RA 2015:  Delegates Share Experiences

Hawaii delegates are busy attending important sessions today including the Open Hearing on the Budget, Open Hearing on Proposed Legislative Program, Elections Committee Meeting, and the Board of Directors meeting. Many attended the Empowered Educators Day, an inspiring event featuring education leaders discussing critical issues in public education. After completing their assignments, delegates took time to attend special interest meetings such as the Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI) Committee Hearing, Peace and Justice Caucus, and the Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus.  Some delegates will attend the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards Dinner.

Jonathan Gillentine NEA RA 2015
This is Dr. Jonathan Gillentine’s 5th NEA RA.  He is available to answer new delegate questions and to help members understand the process.  Dr. Jonathan is HSTA’s NEA Alternate Director. He is a National Board Certified Teacher from the Windward District on the island of Oahu.
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Carrie Sato
The National Education Association Representative Assembly gives delegates from Hawaii opportunities to meet educators from across the nation to talk about issues important to public school teachers and students. This is Honolulu Chapter member Carrie Sato’s first NEA RA.
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See what delegate Jennifer Solmirin shares about attending the Bylaws Hearing

Hundreds Attend a Community Fair Aimed at Students and their Families
Kaitlyn Cleveland NEARA2015
Student member Kaitlyn Cleveland talks about the Legacy Project HERE>>>
In addition to attending the NEA Student Leadership Conference, Kaitlyn is part of the Hawaii Delegation attending the NEA RA.
Public school students from across Central Florida arrived by the busloads. Almost 800 of them. The energetic students joined hundreds more community leaders, Florida educators, and retired and student members of the National Education Association (NEA) Tuesday, June 30, at Osceola High and Thacker Avenue Elementary Schools in Kissimmee, FL.
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