NEA Survey: Nearly Half Of Teachers Consider Leaving Profession Due to Standardized Testing

Testing and Teacher Morale
While it’s clear from the survey that over-testing has taken its toll on classrooms across the country, what’s the cumulative effect on teachers? Teachers love their work, and the NEA survey found that 75 percent of teachers are satisfied with their jobs. However, the data also indicate that toxic testing environments contribute to lower job satisfaction and thoughts of leaving the profession. Despite the high level of overall satisfaction, nearly half (45%) of surveyed member teachers have considered quitting because of standardized testing. Teachers are dedicated individuals and many succeed in focusing on the positive, but the fact that testing has prompted such a high percentage of educators to contemplate such a move underscores its corrosive effect on the profession.

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Reduce the Federal Role in Testing
E-mail Congress, urge them to put emphasis back on teaching and learning, not test-taking.