Pay increases coming soon; Look up your salary hike here! 

On April 22, the HSTA reached agreement with the state for a new four-year contract 2017-2021. The agreement, which was overwhelmingly ratified by teachers and then funded by the Legislature, includes pay raises in each of the next four years.

With the closing of the school year, we wanted to alert you that teachers who are with the DOE and/or have their salaries processed through DOE payroll should receive two personnel action forms before they leave for the summer.

The first document will reflect a 1.8 percent across-the-board increase to their base salary (without the 21 hours of extra pay). The second document will reflect the 1.8 percent increase and the additional pay for 21 hours of job-embedded professional development.

The salary increases will go into effect on July 3 for 12-month and multi-track teachers and on August 1 for all other 10-month teachers.

Charter teachers should receive something similar reflecting their increase in pay. We are working with the employer to finalize the additional salary schedules and the final contract for printing. Copies of the new agreement are slated for printing and mailing around the end of July. They will be mailed to HSTA head faculty representatives at each work site.

Please click on the links below to view the various salary schedules:

10-Month Teachers

1.8% ATB Exhibit F 10-Month 1.8% (Effective end of Workday June 30, 2017)

New Salary Schedule for Next School Year

New 10-Month Schedule with 1.8% & 21 hours for SY 2017-2018 Effective Aug. 1, 2017

12-Month Teachers

1.8% ATB Exhibit R 12-Month 1.8% (Effective end of Workday June 30, 2017)

New Salary Schedule for Next School Year

New 12-Month Schedule with 1.8% & 21 hours for 2017-2018 Effective July 3, 2017

Use the chart below that explains the various salary documents you are receiving from the DOE.