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Singapore Math Foundations of Number Sense—3 PD Credits


Class Start Dates:
Hilo—10/5 (Hawaii Convention Center)
Oahu—10/17 & 2/13 (Red Hill Elementary)
Maui—2/13 (TBD)
Kauai—3/21 (TBD)
This course is designed as an introductory course to support educators in teaching number sense using strategies and philosophies used in Singapore. Give students a deeper understanding of numbers, setting them up for current and future success as mathematical thinkers. Learn how to build foundational number sense not through memorization of rules and facts, but through a clear understanding of numbers, their magnitude, and their relationships with other numbers. Learn new methods for building number sense and teaching computation in ways that make sense to both you and your students in alignment with the Common Core State Standards. With this solid foundation, you will prepare them to develop higher-level math skills and reasoning ability for years to come.

Family School Partnerships—3-PD Credits


Class Start Dates:
Oahu—9/12 (University of Hawaii, Manoa—Free Parking Passes)
This course is designed to assist teachers to become familiar with concepts of family-school partnerships, to develop strategies to work with families that are culturally and community sensitive, and to practice these strategies.

“I Can Do It!” Effective Classroom Management Systems for Teachers—3-PD Credits


Class Start Dates:
Oahu—9/12 (Farrington HS)
Oahu—9/26 (Waikiki Elementary)
Oahu—10/17 (Waikiki Elementary)
Maui—10/17 (Paia & Pomaikai Elementary)
Oahu—1/16 (HSTA)

This workshop is an introductory course to help teachers improve their proactive instructional and behavioral management skills. This program targets new K-12 teachers within their first five years of teaching, but is open to all teachers.