Please join us for David Ige sign waving!

Thank you for the many members, friends, and family members coming out to support friends of education like David Ige!
NOTE:  July 17, 2014 Update  Members, please contact your Chapters to find out more about the schedule of Tuesday sign savings in your areas.  Mahalo!

The upcoming elections are crucial to teachers and the students they teach.  We need a governor that we can trust to lead what’s right for public education in Hawaii.
Please help us get out the vote by participating in sign waving for David Ige now until the August 9 Primary.

We are asking each of you to look under EVENTS on David Ige’s Web site,  Once you have selected some sign waving events to attend, contact five colleagues, friends, or family members to join you.

A vote for our recommended candidates, like David Ige, provides us with the power to shape our profession, support our students, and promote public education in Hawaii. 

Primary Election Day is just around the corner.
Hawaii’s teachers can make the critical difference if we join together.

Teachers Make a Difference for Hawaii’s Future!

HSTA Leeward Chapter Phone Banking 2014