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School to Prison

Upcoming Webinar - School to Prison Pipeline

Jan. 29, 7:00 pm ET Code of Conduct Matrix: What is it and how is it applied? Restorative practices for reducing suspensions. Speakers: Dr. Christopher Garran, Associate Superintendent, Montgomery County, MD, High Schools; Mildred Charley-Greene, Northwood, MD, High School Principal. Click here for registration information about this webinar.

School to Prison

Recorded Webinars - School to Prison Pipeline

The NEA GPS Network School to Prison Pipeline Group hosted a series of webinars in 2014, all of which were recorded and are available for viewing. Click here to take a look, and bookmark this page to keep an eye out for 2015 webinars on this important topic hosted by this Group.

Recorded Webinars - Safe and Healthy Schools
The NEA GPS Network Safe and Healthy Schools Group keeps track of webinars hosted by concerns that promote science-based information about the environmental health of school communities and the physical health of the students that spend so much of their time in them. Click here to take a look, and bookmark the page to keep an eye out for upcoming webinars on these and other health and safety topics.

Recorded Radio Broadcast - Classroom Management

Among the NEA GPS Network Classroom Management Group’s member-posted resources is a recorded National Public Radio broadcast, “This American Life: Is this Working?,” that aired in October 2014. Click here to listen to this discussion of classroom management dilemmas faced by both veteran and new teachers.

One of the most important roles for a teacher is that of classroom manager. For high levels of learning to take place, effective classroom management is crucial. How do you achieve that with all students? What tools do you use? What resources do you rely on? Below are links to some of the resources located in the NEA GPS Network Classroom Management group site. Tell us what you think and post your own!

Classroom Management Ideas - Browse this collection of resources to find ideas, tips, and strategies to help you manage your classroom.

Apps for Classroom Management - Digital tools can help you manage your classroom in ways that support positive interventions with students.

Interventions and Strategies - A collection of resources providing behavior-specific strategies to implement positive-behavior outcomes in your classroom.

Time Management at School - If a student acts out because he/she doesn’t know what to do next, this may be just the thing to help them focus on their work.

Restorative Discipline Practices - Instead of zero tolerance, how can restorative practices de-escalate classroom management issues and redirect student behavior?