Quick Tips for a Healthy Back to School

Quick Tips for a Healthy Back to School

Back-to-school is always exhilarating. The new classes, teachers, and students always promise new adventures.

We want all those adventures to be healthy ones.  That’s why we have new information on three of the issues that most affect students—allergies, hunger, and nutrition.

Fighting allergies and anaphylaxis

It’s critical that ALL school employees, including teachers and education support professionals, know about allergic reactions, how to identify them, how to respond in an emergency, and how they can help prevent those reactions in the first place. That’s why NEA Health Information Network and Sanofi US teamed up to create a video just for educators and education support professionals on this serious allergic reaction. Watch it with a friend and let us know what you think>>>

Fighting hunger

Studies of school breakfast programs have found that students who eat breakfast at school show improved academic achievement, have better attendance records, are less likely to be tardy, and exhibit fewer behavioral and psychological problems. That’s why NEA HIN works with Breakfast in the Classroom partners to fight student hunger. Learn more and fight hunger HERE>>>

Eating well

Over 23 million students are overweight in the US. Test your knowledge of what percentage of calories students get at school and learn how you and your friends can help students eat healthy foods and bag that junk. Learn more about Bag the Junk HERE>>>