Resources for parents and families

Teachers believe that children are our Hawaii’s future

We all have a role in the education of our children.

Working hand in hand, school staff, families, communities, and policymakers share responsibility for a child’s education. When families and schools work together, our children are the winners. This area offers resources for parents and educators on building a strong bond between home and school.

Keiki Success

• NEA Read Across America information

• National PTA tips for family engagement

• Hawaii State PTSA Parent Resources

• National PTA: Parents’ guide to student success

• Parent/teacher engagement resources

• Educators’ Top 100 Children’s Books

• Favorite books in Hawaii
• Hawaii children pick top books
Nene Award - Read about this local award, check out winning books from previous years, find books that engage children and open new worlds.
2013 Nene Award Nominees Book List

• Other sites for success

US Department of Education

NEA Parent Resources

Family/School/Community Partnership Resources
Our keiki need the energy and passion of everyone, especially community members, to ensure every student in Hawaii has access to a great public school.

Teachers put students first every day. is an online community dedicated to helping Hawaii’s public school teachers fund creative classroom needs that further the educational experience for our local students.