STOP Bullying:  October is National Bully Awareness Month

Listen to HSTA Anti-Bullying Public Service Announcement
Teacher and President of the Hawaii State Teachers Association Wil Okabe says bullying has no place in our schools.

HSTA Anti-Bullying Poster

Anti-Bullying Contest

Hawaii Department of Education Anti-Bullying Work


STEP 1:  Take the Pledge: Stand Up For Bullied Students

Bully Free: It Starts With Me

One caring adult can make all the difference. NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me campaign asks you to fill out this pledge form so that you can be that one caring adult.
I agree to be identified as a caring adult who pledges to help bullied students. I will listen carefully to all students who seek my help and act on their behalf to put an immediate stop to the bullying. I will work with other caring adults to create a safe learning environment for all the students in my school.  TAKE THE PLEDGE HERE>>>

STEP 2:  Learn to STOP Bullies HERE>>>

READ:  Straight from the bullied’s mouth: An EdVoices essay by Shaun Johnson

STEP 3:  Tip Sheets & Stories
Make a Difference in a Child’s Life

More RESOURCES from the HSTA Youth, Human, and Civil Rights Committee

Parents, Educators/Admin, guidance document for schools concerning bullying prevention for students with disabilities
Kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators, website, includes webisodes for kids, resources for cyber bullying, LGBT, what can you do
Youth, LGBT support site, view & post video of personal stories/experiences to inspire hope for young people facing harassment
Educators, NEA Magazine article – can you be personally sued if you witness instances of bullying & harassment & fail to act?
Educators/Admin, website, 10 ways to move beyond bully prevention at your school
Admin, educators, parents, ,counselors, survivors, website featuring resources, workshops, trainings

A great Web site for high quality information on bullying is the U.S. governmental website Stop Bullying in particular their Tip Sheets and Guides section

Link to some of the lesson plans used with schools to promote anti-bully awareness and prevention.

K-12 Curricula and Lesson Plans

No Name-Calling Week Lesson Plans

No Name-Calling Week is an annual week of educational activities aimed at ending name-calling of all kinds. Lesson plans produced for No Name-Calling Week are available and appropriate for use throughout the school year.

Elementary Lesson Plans – Grades K-4

Five lesson plans, developed with the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

NEA Provides Educators with Guidance on Preventing Workplace Bullying

Bullying of Teachers Pervasive in Many Schools