Summit for Teacher Leaders

Each year, the National Education Association conducts a National Leadership Summit. This year, the NEA National Leadership Summit takes place February 27 – March 1, 2015 in Anaheim, California. 
The purpose of the Summit is to develop activist leaders and to prepare them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to lead a relevant and thriving Association. 
During the Summit, attendees from across the nation participate in training sessions designed to provide knowledge that will help members become well-rounded leaders within the NEA organization and beyond. 

HSTA is proud to have the following represent the Association at this year’s NEA Summit:
Joan Kamila Lewis, Colleen Pasco, Amber Riel, and Donna Soriano.

HSTA Vice President Joan Kamila Lewis is this year’s Teacher Lobbyist. In addition to her Association work, she is a teacher at Kapolei High School.

Colleen Pasco (left) has been active in all phases of leadership in her chapter.  As State Secretary-Treasurer, she frequently shares the teacher perspective on education issues with decision makers. She teaches at Kohala High School. 

Amber Riel (right) is a leader in the Leeward Chapter.  While attending the NEA RA, she presented a lei to Lily Eskelsen Garcia the day of her election as NEA President in Denver last summer.  Amber is a teacher at Waianae High School.


Donna Soriano (left)  is a new teacher at Waianae Elementary School.  She has been active with the Association since representing student members at the national meeting.  She was the student member on the HSTA Board of Directors.