Teacher Viewpoint:  Evaluation


Letters to the Editor

Teachers opposed to unfair system

An editorial in Monday’s Star-Advertiser says that “grading teachers can’t be too easy,” especially when “a mere 2 percent” of teachers were rated as “marginal or unsatisfactory” (“Grading teachers can’t be too easy,” Star-Advertiser, Our View, June 16).

Your statement implies that a low percentage must indicate faulty ratings. Have you considered that a vast majority of teachers are “great educators (who) improve students’ lives?”

Teachers are not against evaluations. Rather, we are against unfair systems.Every child deserves a great teacher. But every child also deserves an educational system that provides the comprehensive and ongoing training, support, supplies and collaboration time necessary for good teachers to be great.

Instead of placing blame on those in the classroom and calling for punitive actions, invest in the commodity we have: great teachers, wonderful students, and caring communities.

Michele Sasaki
Pearl City