The power of collective action: See pictures from August 5 statewide sign waving events

AUGUST 5, 2014 - Statewide Sign Waving


Hilo Sign Waving - August 5, 2014

Mahalo!  Maui Chapter Sign Waving.

HSTA Hilo Chapter 2014

This election is about selecting the right pro-public education candidates who will support teachers’ working conditions and our students’ learning environment, as well as issues that impact the future for our families and communities. As we did last year, let’s show the power of collective action by standing together for public education during statewide sign wavings scheduled for Tuesday, August 5, 2014. A list of sign waving locations is posted at, or please contact your faculty representative for additional information.

COLLECTIVE ACTION: By working together, we can achieve change that will benefit teachers and students.
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Wil Okabe
Wil Okabe, HSTA President

HSTA Hilo Chapter Sign Waving 2014

RESPECT AND TRUST: See why teachers are voting for David Ige

GOTV: Get out the vote on August 9, 2014.
Note: Early Walk-In Voting ends August 7, 2014.
More Voting information is available at

Updated August 1, 2014

HSTA August 5, 2014 Statewide Sign Waving Schedule