Video message on EES polling results

Your input is needed.
Teachers must be the voice of public education, the profession. and the necessary changes that benefit public school students in Hawaii.
In this video message, HSTA President Wil Okabe talks about EES:

Have you seen the EES Brochure?

An EES brochure with a timeline of activities, ways teachers can give input, and a flowchart of how member input is used was provided during Institute Week.  A copy is also available by using your login to view the EES section of InsideHSTA.  Additional resources are available to members on InsideHSTA.

EES Member Feedback: Results from ongoing polls

Teachers are busy helping students to be successful and may wonder what is happening to the feedback they have given in HSTA’s monthly polling.  Here are some of the responses received:

• On a scale of 0-7—with 7 being completely comfortable – members’ average comfort level with the EES is less than “2.”

• Poll results show that teachers overwhelmingly believe that students do not understand the Tripod Student Survey questions. 

• Poll results also show us that 98% of members do not understand the NVE method being used to rate teachers on the Tripod results. 

• October polling show that less than 50% of teachers have been trained on how to write an SLO.


Please talk to your HSTA Faculty Representative to respond to November’s EES Poll.  The state is committed to making needed changes to the EES system.  Data collected in HSTA polls and surveys is reviewed by the HSTA Advisory Committee and then brought to the DOE’s attention for possible changes to the EES.  Remember, no voice means no change.

Wil Okabe, video message

In this video message, HSTA President Wil Okabe talks about EES:

EES November 2013 Timeline

EES December 2013 Timeline

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