August 5:  Video message update for members

*Teacher Evaluation System / EES

We clearly want an evaluation system that genuinely improves the practice of teaching that enhances student learning and produces real results. HSTA succeeded in contract negotiations to obtain an agreement that established a joint committee of the DOE and teachers to collaboratively design a new teacher evaluation system known as the “Educator Effectiveness System” or EES.

Our participation in the teacher evaluation system being created is an example of HSTA’s leadership role in transforming education. This year, HSTA will assess what is being implemented and formulate recommendations to improve the evaluation system. This year will provide an opportunity to validate our concerns in the current design. 
 If we are to change the current system, then we must gather data from Hawaii public school teachers to support our recommendations. Members need to actively participate in the system and share their experiences. Information will be gathered and shared through RAs and other communication vehicles. In early September, members will be asked to participate in a survey to monitor the initial orientation and training of EES.

Please view HSTA President Wil Okabe’s latest video message at:

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