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HB1406 - Relating to Standardized Testing

The hearing is scheduled for:
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Conference Room 309
State Capitol
415 South Beretania Street

2015 HSTA Lobbying Team

Teacher Lobbyist Joan Kamila Lewis testified before the House of Representatives Committee on Education.

Wil Okabe

Joan Kamila Lewis
Teacher Lobbyist

Kendra Ito-Mizota
Government Relations Specialist

Wilbert Holck
Executive Director
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On behalf of Hawai’i’s 13,500 public and public charter school teachers, and in line with over 3 million National Education Association members, The Hawai’i State Teachers’ Association is in STRONG SUPPORT of HB1406.

Standardized testing is a staple of education systems around the world.  When used appropriately they provide information to teachers and schools about the progress of their students and the areas where more attention and/or assistance may be necessary.  When they are used correctly, teachers are able to provide a course of action that helps improve student outcomes.  This is akin to what doctors would do for their patients when going over X-rays, or other lab/test results.

Unfortunately, for over a decade, standardized tests have been supersized into public education to a point where it is no longer diagnostic in nature, but has instead become a malignant growth that is in fact doing harm to students, schools and ultimately the community at large.

What once was a fairly straightforward process that may have taken a day or two to complete, has now become an extravaganza that requires staffing positions dedicated to the administration of the tests, weeks of loss learning time, and an increasingly rigid adherence to a curriculum that has become, itself, standardized.  As resources have become scarce for the arts, physical education and other student learning opportunities that are 21st Century staples, more money is being directed to external providers, textbook firms and testing companies.  In many cases, these three entities are either connected to or parts of one another and/or larger for-profit companies.

HB1406 lays out, in very meticulous order, the way standardized tests should be administered.  From the process, to the purpose, it will be clear, should this legislation become law, that testing should be returned to its rightful place in our school system.  Our standardized tests could once again be used to inform our curriculum, not drive it.  Our standardized tests could, once again, help us identify the best way to help our students succeed as the individuals they are rather than force them to become part of a standardized mass.

In support of success for all Hawai’i’s children, HSTA STRONGLY SUPPORTS HB1406.

Thank you for the opportunity to testify.

HSTA Lobbying Team: