HSTA-R State Organization

The Hawaii State Teachers Association - Retired

* HSTA - R, the largest retired teachers organization in Hawaii, was established by HSTA in 1995.
* Prior to 1995 retirees were individual HSTA members without their own organization.
* Beginning in 1995 HSTA-R elected its own officers and board of directors and approved its own bylaws.
* HSTA - R is an affiliate of the Hawaii State Teachers Association (13,000 active members) and the National Education Association (3.2 million members).

HSTA-R has as its purposes:
* Promoting the social, professional, and economic status and general welfare of retired members of HSTA;
* Furnishing a practical basis for united action with others who are devoted to the cause of education;
* Promoting voluntary participation by its members in civic and educational affairs;
* Initiating and supporting legislative action that is beneficial to retired public school teachers, their families and their communities; and
* Supporting HSTA and its programs

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E Komo Mai!
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Many retiring teachers have help build HSTA.  We hope you will remain active with our Association.  If you are interested in joining, please go to our website:


Please mail your membership application form to:
HSTA-Retired, 1200 Ala Kapuna Street, Honolulu, HI 96819.

Contact HSTA-Retired:
Hawaii State Teachers Association - Retired
1200 Ala Kapuna St.
Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: (808) 833-2711
Fax: (808) 839-7106
Attention: Vaughn Tokashiki, President

Membership (Classes, Eligibility, Other)
Retired Membership. Retired membership shall be limited to any person: (1) who, for at least one year immediately prior to retirement, held active membership in the HSTA or any other state affiliate of the NEA; or (2) who held active membership in HSTA for at least five years.

Associate Membership.  Any person, who prior to retirement was employed in the field of education and does not qualify for retired membership may be admitted as an Associate Member.  Any individual, who has retired and served as an employee of HSTA, may be admitted as an Associate Member.

Individuals who qualify for HSTA active, student or associate membership shall not be eligible for HSTA - R membership

Unified membership is required:  HSTA - R, HSTA, NEA - R

Prior to 1995, HSTA had 1200 individual retired members; in 2006, Presently HSTA - R has more than 4000 members

HSTA - R State Organization
The annual Delegate Assembly is the highest HSTA - R governance body.  It elects the state officers and directors, adopts the budget, amends the bylaws, and passes resolutions and new business items.
State Board of Directors meets quarterly and serves as the policy making body between Delegate Assemblies.
The Executive Committee, comprised of the state officers, meets monthly; and directs and coordinates state programs and activities.
HSTA - R state committees help to implement those programs and activities.

HSTA - R State Organization
Publishing of a quarterly state newsletter, The Messenger,
Monitoring the State Legislature, Employee Retirement System, and Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund,
Presenting pre-retirement planning workshops for teachers at teacher institutes and schools
Promoting the intergration of HSTA-R and its members into HSTA programs and activities,
Supporting HSTA goals, priorities and activities, and
Working cooperatively with other organizations on issues that are important to members, their families and communites.

HSTA-R District Organizations
HSTA-Retired is divided into four geographic districts (membership):
HSTA-R Kauai District (190),
HSTA-R Oahu District (2740),
HSTA-R Maui County District (310)
HSTA-R Hawaii District (480)
Districts support HSTA-R state priorities and activities.
Each district has its own officers and is governed by a District Council.
Each district conducts its own activities.
Each district publishes its own newsletter.

HSTA-R and Hawaii State Teachers Association
HSTA-R sends 8 delegates to the HSTA Convention
HSTA-R is represented on the following HSTA governance bodies:
State Board of Directors,
State Standing Committees,
Membership Benefits Corporation Board of Directors,
VEBA Trust Board of Trustees.

HSTA-R and National Education Association
HSTA-R sends 4 delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly and the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting.
HSTA-R sends 4 members to the NEA-R West Region Conference.
HSTA-R sends 2 members to the NEA Retirement and Benefits Forum.

HSTA-R and Other Organizations
HSTA-R is affiliated with:
Hawaii Alliance for Retired Americans
Hawaii Caregiver Coalition

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Employee Retirement System
Hawai’i Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund