NEA RA 2015 Pictures

Sherry Rose Angie MiyashiroStorytelling
Practicing expressive storytelling with Honolulu Theatre for Youth’s Daniel A. Kelin, II.  Pictured (left) Honolulu teacher Sherry Rose and Kau teacher Angie Miyashiro (right)  use voice traits in drama at NEA’s 2015 Joint Conference on Concerns of Minorities and Women held at the Hilton in Orlando, Florida.  June 29, 2015 Picture courtesy Louise Cayetano.
More information about the Joint Conference HERE>>>

Laverne Moore Aaron Kubo 2015
Laverne Moore (standing), Aaron Kubo (seated), and Seamus Puette (not pictured) were ELL presenters at the NEA’s Joint Conference.

Hawaii college students are attending the Student Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. 
Congratulations!  Hawaii’s student group was recognized this week for increasing membership! 
Over the past year, HSTA staff members Andrea Eshelman, Sandra Yap, and James Lynch-Urbaniak have worked to support NEA Student Members.  Mahalo!
Left to right standing: Warren Shaw, George Subiono, Kaitlyn Cleveland and Kellie Parcels
Seated left to right: James Lynch-Urbaniak, Natalie Daley, Ronie Agustin
NEA’s Future Teachers Ready to Lead - Read more about the Student Leadership Conference HERE>>>
June 29, 2015 Picture courtesy James Lynch-Urbaniak

Student Members at Dinner
Student members take time to build camaraderie between sessions.

2015 NEA RA Orlando Airport
Every summer, HSTA sends delegates to the National Education Association Annual Meeting.  Mahalo for making the work of the 153rd NEA Annual Meeting and 94th Representative Assembly part of your summer break. Your officers would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to all delegates attending this year’s NEA RA in Orlando, Florida.
News of the NEA RA for Hawaii Delegates is available HERE>>>