The Association is composed of state committees, which are established under the bylaws.

The HSTA members (teachers) who serve on committees are volunteers who represent the members from each chapter and serve without compensation.  They spend countless hours meeting primarily on weekends to conduct the business of the organization and serve without compensation.


In accordance with the Bylaws, Article XIV,, Section 1-b, the following governance committees function as committees of the Board of Directors.  The Board defines the composition of each committee and its powers and duties.

·       Charter, Bylaws & Resolutions

·       Elections

·       Audit & Evaluation (note:  content under construction)

·       Finance (note:  content under construction)

·       Personnel (note:  content under construction)



The President may establish, subject to approval of the Board, or the Board may establish, such standing committees as may be needed to carry out the functions, policies and activities of the Corporation; provided, however, that at a minimum there shall be the standing committees listed below:

·       Government Relations

·       Membership Services

·        Negotiations

·       Youth, Human & Civil Rights

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