Aspiring leaders, sign up for the NEA Teacher Leadership Institute

Participants can add 'Teacher Leader' to their HTSB license, qualify for $500 stipend

The National Education Association, in partnership with NEA state and local affiliates, is proud to offer the Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI) Fellowship.

The TLI is a comprehensive effort to recruit, prepare, activate, and support the next generation of teachers to shape and lead a transformed teaching profession.

Hawaii's cohort will include approximately 12 participants. Course work will be conducted largely online with two face-to-face meetings at the Hawaii State Teachers Association.

Fellows from our most recent cohort found TLI to be a great opportunity to grow as teacher leaders, explore their education-related interests, and network with teachers from other states about common issues.

Past participant Keisha Funaki of Laie Elementary said “the TLI process was rewarding and eye-opening,” and cohort coach HSTA Secretary-Treasurer Logan Okita “did a great job of filling the gaps between expectations and knowing how to meet them.”

The program is free for members, and those who complete it are able to add "Teacher Leader" to their Hawaii Teacher Standards Board license and qualify for a $500 stipend.


The Teacher Leadership Institute is a year-long, cohort-based learning experience that will run from October 2019 through August 2020. It will consist of:

  • Rigorous competency-based curriculum,
  • Applied experience through a self-selected capstone project,
  • Deep local and national community collaboration,
  • Extensive coaching and support, and
  • Evidence-based portfolio documenting growth in the Teacher Leadership Competencies.


Overarching Competencies: The focus of the first term is the eight overarching competencies for teacher leadership: reflective practice, personal effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, communication, continuing learning and education, group processes, adult learning, and technological facility. Fellows choose two of the eight for deep study, practice, and reflection.

Foundational Leadership Competencies: Fellows infuse work throughout TLI with a deep study of diversity, equity, and cultural competence. Fellows choose one of these competencies for deeper study and reflection during Term 2.

Leadership Pathway Competencies: Fellows choose a challenge/issue to address as a capstone project in Term 2. They select one of the following three pathways for deeper study and reflection.

  • Instructional Leadership—Teacher leaders at the center of facilitating, supporting, and improving teaching and learning in their schools, districts, and beyond.
  • Policy Leadership—Teacher leaders creating, informing, and influencing policy at the school, local, state, and national levels;
  • Association Leadership—Teacher leaders that guide the association on its mission to advance the profession of teaching, the professional interests of members, and the well- being of our students.

Capstone Project and Portfolio

The capstone project and portfolio are the culmination of the TLI curriculum and experience. It is the opportunity for fellows to integrate the concepts and skills they have learned in order to address their selected leadership challenge and impact education stakeholders, policy, and/or practice.

The capstone project promotes exploration of personal leadership skills, problem solving, collaboration, and self-reflection. Each fellow in the Teacher Leadership Institute will take part in a capstone project individually or in collaboration with others involved in the Institute and will have the opportunity for a formative review of leadership growth via the individual submission of a portfolio. The purpose of the capstone project and portfolio is to demonstrate professional growth along the continuum of teacher leadership as captured by the Teacher Leadership Competencies.


At the completion of the year, fellows will have gained new, unparalleled leadership expertise and experience. TLI Fellows will be uniquely prepared for leadership roles in their Association, in the policy-making arenas, and in their profession.

Apply here by Sept. 30. Accepted applicants will be notified at the beginning of October.

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