Contribute to the NEA PAC to replace Betsy DeVos

Please donate $20.20 to dump DeVos in 2020

The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education is dedicated to electing pro-public education leaders at the federal and state level, and it’s fueled by educators like us.

Between U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and COVID-19, life has gotten pretty tough for frontline educators and students in public education. This year, Hawaii State Teachers Association members are being asked to contribute $20.20 to get rid of DeVos in 2020.

You are probably already aware that year’s election will be crucial for our students. Now more than ever, the NEA Fund needs our support in order to elect public servants who will put our students first. The NEA Fund relies on donations from members like us.

Do you have more questions about the NEA PAC? View this list of FAQs.

Can you spare $20.20 to dump DeVos in 2020? Are you ready for an educator (or just someone with common human decency) as the U.S. Secretary of Education? Even $5 would help! Click here to get started.

A donation of $200 will earn you a cool, practical mask and some excellent ʻBye-bye, Betsy’ hand sanitizer to help stop the spread of germs as well as DeVos’ agenda.

If you prefer something else in return for your donation, visit this awesome website. The purchase price for your winning bid counts as a donation to the NEA PAC.


Jamie Stidger
NEA Alternate Director
NEA PAC Co-Captain
Castle High School Teacher

Ashley Olson
Maui Chapter Secretary
NEA PAC Co-Captain
Lahainaluna High School English Language Coordinator

Author: Keoki Kerr