Did you receive a text message from HSTA? It wasn't spam

HSTA uses an app called Hustle to reach out to members

During this time of social distancing, we want to make sure you're okay.

HSTA leaders are using an application called Hustle to text members while keeping all phone numbers private.

If you receive a text message, it's okay to respond! We want to make sure you have the resources and support you need during this difficult time.

The text will look something like this: 

Aloha <Recipient>! HSTA leaders & staff are reaching across the state during social distancing (with your info private - even from me). 😷 I'm <Sender>. Are you doing OK?

In the past, members have reached out to us with concerns that they were getting fraudulent messages, however HSTA confirms these texts are sent by individual member leaders who are trained to follow up with more information whenever a response is received.

Member engagement involving critical, time-sensitive information sometimes requires HSTA to spread the word through means other than email, social media, or hard-copy flyers.

In September 2019, for example, the HIDOE announced listening tours by a consultant conducting a salary study on teacher compensation. To alert members, HSTA had leaders communicate directly with members via text message using an app called Hustle.

Hustle allows individual member leaders to text fellow members while keeping the information of the sender and the recipient private and secure.

No member phone numbers are provided or are visible to volunteers who send the messages, and the phone numbers listed on the text conversations are not the personal phone numbers of the volunteer senders.

The setup is similar to Uber, where a driver and passenger can communicate electronically without learning each others' phone numbers.

If a recipient does not wish to receive further communication, they can say so and their phone number will no longer be in service by Hustle.

HSTA will make every effort to keep communication in this fashion short and informative, and for important, time-sensitive reasons.

Rest assured that your information is kept private and secure.

Click here for more information on Hustle.

This story was originally posted on Sept. 26, 2019 and has since been updated.