Educators, here's who to turn to for help on your campus and beyond

Volunteer colleagues in your workplace can help you with a variety of concerns

Being an educator isn't easy, and you are never alone. Did you know that there are people on your campus who you can reach out to for help? 

The Hawaii State Teachers Association has volunteer members on every campus who are trained to help their fellow teachers and you!  These important leaders should be among the first people you think of when you need help.

Each campus or worksite has designated head faculty representatives (HFR), other faculty representatives (FR) as well as an Association Policy Committee (APC) and a grievance representative (GR) to address questions and concerns of HSTA members.  An APC is a problem-solving body on your campus that should meet with the principal monthly to address these issues.

The volunteer leaders on your campus can help to answer your questions, assist you with a problem and/or direct you to additional resources and information. You can find information on these school leaders posted on your HSTA bulletin board, or just ask a colleague who the HSTA representatives are in your workplace.

In addition to leaders at the school level, the HSTA has leaders at the chapter and state levels who specialize in issues, like negotiations and member benefits, that are important to teachers and public education. We encourage you to reach out to your chapter president for help.

Click for information on: HSTA committees and chapter presidents.

If you still are unable to get assistance on an issue, you are welcome to email info@hsta.org, your UniServ Director (HSTA staff assigned to your area), or call your local HSTA office for assistance.

Author: Keoki Kerr